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Thread: Altitude Tent?

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    Altitude Tent?

    This in from a Dad in Europe....

    Do you know about patients who sleep in an altitude tent? ( It clears the air and delivers more pure oxygen. It's expensive! Would like suggestions.

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    Very interesting! I grew up at what amounts to "altitude" for many at 6,400 feet. Altitude of 14,000+ feet was under an hour by car and most summer weekends the family would go to Rocky Mountain National Park or such. The air is clean, a surprising amount of ozone and let's face it, tundra above tree-line is beautiful beyond art.

    I'm not sure what tangible benefits are gained by sleeping at altitude, which is just less oxygen in a tent. In fact I had an oxygen tent for the times I needed extra support during an infection or such. The only thing I can think of is my heart pounding all night camping at 13,000 feet and higher. Lots of star gazing from my sleeping bag and little sleep isn't my idea of improving my health.

    My own curiosity about helping me be healthier while sleeping is a hyperbaric chamber, in effect being pressurized to a depth below sea level with the weight of so much water causing gasses to dissolve in the blood and tissues. Assuming I could increase the oxygen to something near 100%, having this vital gas in concentration throughout the body tissues just might discourage anaerobic bugs from growing and maybe even killing certain pathogens. Oxygen in concentration not typically found in a healthy body changes the pH, which again might discourage bacterial growth, might help in high concentrations, or possibly the low concentration at altitude.

    Something tells me that studies have been done for both extremes. A little bit of researching literature studying O2 concentrations might be a good first step.

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    It won't deliver oxygen, it will deprive you of oxygen, mimicking the thin air found at altitude. The rationale is that for athletes that will result in a raised haemogblobin level, and better oxygen carrying capacity when they come back down to lower altitudes. But they are fit well people with normal lung function. To take someobody with lowered lung function and deprive them of oxygen in an altitude tent could be very hazardous

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    I moved to Colorado with a higher altitude than I am used to. My o2 has definitely gone down. I've acclimated but I would think this would be dangerous. The air here is cleaner and I have almost zero Texas I was struggling with allergies.
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