Eloxx Pharmaceuticals CEO Bob Ward is cognizant that one day, emerging science could usurp his company's approach to treating genetic diseases.
While many biotechs are testing more experimental means of treating some of the 1,800 genetic diseases that impair the body's ability to produce different proteins, Eloxx Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ELOX) is sticking with small molecule treatments.
Just a year after Ward moved from Radius Health to become its chief executive, Eloxx is close to wrapping up a mid-stage trial of its lead drug candidate and eyeing other areas where it can use so-called readthrough therapies to hopefully restore protein production.
The Waltham startup, in particular, is taking on market giant Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Eloxx's drug, ELX-02, targets the roughly 10 percent of cystic fibrosis patients that Vertex and others haven't touched.