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    My name is rhiannon i am 22 i was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 15 weeks when i was pregnant with my daughter. Its been a long journey. I go to a cystic fibrosis treatment center where they have me on 6 different medications. Its not easy dealing with everything. I also have use the vest to help my lungs because my lung capacity is not good. Its been the hardest year of my life.

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    Hi Ryarnell. Welcome. We’re glad you found us. You will find a wealth of information on our site and a large group of helpful people. Feel free to search the forums with questions you may have or as always enter a new post. I admit to some confusion regarding your circumstances. The more information we have, the more helpful our members can be. I see in your profile that you are male but you speak of being pregnant so I assume you are female. In addition you indicate you were just diagnosed, but then state you were diagnosed at 15 weeks. Perhaps you can clarify? Your CF genetic profile can also help with identification of therapies and medications which may be helpful, so let us know if you’re aware of your mutations or how you were diagnosed. Many many CFers on this forum weren’t diagnosed until later in life. So you will likely find others like you here. We look forward to hearing from you. Welcome.

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    You will adjust to CF and the new meds. I was dx at age 47, in January I will be 79.
    Male 79 CF undetected until age 47. (First symptoms at age 3) Delta F508 & V562I with one copy of Variant 5Tand 12T. 100% PI. MAC, CFRD.

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