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Thread: Carriers with symptoms or CF dx?

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    Carriers with symptoms or CF dx?

    Hi, I have many CF symptoms and just found out I am a carrier, does anyone here have CF symptoms as a carrier? Would my dr be willing to order a sweat test based on symptoms and the fact I am a carrier? I am finding limited info online about carriers having symptoms. Would appreciate any info. Thankyou

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    I know carriers can have symptoms of CF, but then again anyone can have CF symptoms. What are your symptoms that you're experiencing? I only ask because when people get the news that they're a carrier, sometimes their mind takes that diagnosis to the extreme.
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    Both my FIL and BIL have severe sinus disease -- multiple surgeries, chronic infections, so I assumed they were probably both carriers; however, my BIL is not a carrier. And my husband who is a carrier, has never had sinus issues. Nor do I.
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    I am very interested in this topic, as I have heard of plenty of people who are carriers with CF-related symptoms. I have heard of many individuals who have either had digestive, lung, or sinus issues as a carrier, but unfortunately there is no solid evidence or studies. I really wish the medical community would do further research on carriers.
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