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Thread: Mobilaire 50 PSI compressor

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    Mobilaire 50 PSI compressor

    Any recommendations for a new Mobilaire 50 PSI compressor. We have had ours for over 3 years and the pressure gauge is not acting right, nebs taking longer. This is the first time this has happened. Suggestions for replacement compressor?

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    Anxious to hear as well. I actually dropped DS' a couple years ago and was able to find a replacement pressure gauge online for $50.

    There are two heavy duty 50 PSI compressors I've found online; however, are quite spendy --- I think $450-700. There was a conversation earlier this month with a similar question. The Pari Vios Pro supposedly has a psi in the 40s, there's also a Philips Respironics Elegance with similar psi (44); however, neither have the adjustable pressure gauge. There's one out there that looks similar with similar price but I know nothing about the company.

    I just ordered the Elegance for travel as our regular Pari Vios is starting to give up the ghost.
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    If you haven't already, check the tubing. This is often the cause of the problem, not the compressor.

    The pulsing pressure can cause small cracks to develop over time. These cracks can be quite small and hardly noticeable but they will cause the treatment times to increase. I've had it happen to me. Just try a new tube to see if this is your problem.
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    thanks, I cleaned the inside of the compressor as there was alot of dust in it. Works better this morning. But I am still looking at how to get a new compressor that is similar. insurance compnay will only cover a compressor from a local DME company none of which carry anything like the compressor I am looking for. I think last time I got the Molbilaire I bought it online at Vitality Medical and then submitted a claim form alongside a script from my daughter's CF Doc. Will just have to talk to the right person at our insurance co; or pay out of pocket; PIA

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    These are the types of heavy duty compressors I am looking at. Pretty expensive, the one from Precision Medical looks similar to the Mobilaire.

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    I've ordered from Vitality and from the one I listed above --- In fact there's where I ordered the Elegance one from and disposable nebs for travel. I started paying out of pocket after our first Pari Proneb (now Vios) cost $356 via insurance and I later discovered identical ones for $50-75. Our local DME is very difficult to work with -- We used to use Devilbiss compressors, but their policy is having the DME ship the faulty machine for warranty work and usually after 3 weeks we'd find the DME never shipped, would tell us the machine wasn't covered, would try to lease me a cheap, substandard off brand model.... blood pressure soared.... I think I'd be tempted to order the one from Precision Medical. Looks like it uses the same filters. Meanwhile, I ordered the Elegance for travel and as a spare.
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    Has anyone found a good replacement for the 50 psi compressor? Looked at the precision medical one online, but wasn't sure if it was compatible
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    I have the Precision Medical Easy Aire which is a 50 psi and itís a workhorse. Iíve had it for several years now without any problem. Iíve never owned a Mobilaire so I canít compare but it seems they are very similar.

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