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Thread: Any other transgender CFers out there?

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    Question Any other transgender CFers out there?

    Hey forum,
    Living with CF has been difficult enough, but the past couple years have resulted in the realization that I'm trans (FtM). This wouldn't be as much of an issue for me if my parents weren't so fundamentally against it. I haven't come out to them, but transness and trans celebrities has come up in conversation enough times for me to tell exactly how they feel about it. (They wouldn't disown me or kick me out, but I'm confident they wouldn't really respect my identity.)
    But all that's just a bit of background. I'm really just trying to find any others like me out there. CF is already really isolating, and it makes it even worse when I try to search around for trans & CF specific groups only to find nothing.
    Not to mention the anxieties I've had about bringing up transitioning with my doctor. I don't want to start HRT or anything without speaking to a doctor that understands CF and how it would affect the body first, but I worry about how my doctor feels about trans issues.

    (Please don't respond to this if all you have to say is something along the lines of how you "disagree" with people being trans. This thread is not for you, and I'm not interested in starting that conversation. I don't know how common that attitude is in this forum since I'm new, but just to get that out of the way inb4 anyone pulls that crap.)

    - Vinny

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    Vinny: Thanks for reaching out!
    I did send this link to CF Nurse Tamika Grubbs.
    She quickly sent me this link:
    Checking it out, it is from 2016. Yet, there may be a real mom from Texas who can answer some of your questions.
    I wish you the best going forward!
    Salt and Light,

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    Thank you so much, Imogene!! This gives me so much hope for the future!! I'll see if I can get in contact with them. <3

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    Hi Vinny - I signed up for BreatheCon 2018 today (here's a link with info: I saw that one of the breakout sessions is a discussion for LGBTQ members of the CF community. I hope this might be at least a little helpful!

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    While not specifically trans(Iím Bi) my gf(M2F) is and my wife (not trans). Iím the only one of the three of us with CF. I actually didnít know about the FB group Imogene posted, but I am registered for BreatheCon. Hope you get the support you need and Iím here if you have questions or just need someone to talk to.

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