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Thread: Pari eFlow Aerosol Head Cleaner

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    Pari eFlow Aerosol Head Cleaner

    If anyone has used the PARI EasyCare Cleaning Aide for eFlow & eRapid Aerosol Heads, I would be interested to hear your experiences with it.

    For Cayston, I use at least five eFlow heads at a time to avoid having to clean them every day. The treatment times vary considerably depending on which head I'm using. With a new head, treatment time is less than three minutes. Older heads can take around ten minutes.

    If the "Cleaning Aide" can rejuvenate older heads, it would increase their useable life. This would increase my supply and allow longer periods between cleanings.
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    i haven't heard of this before! thanks for sharing it. I've heard of people using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to help unclog holder heads, but this new device is much cheaper. I try to at least rinse mine after each use and store it in alcohol between uses. let us know if you try it out!
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    I use it, I believe I measured the times before and after cleaning and it does seem to help.

    Pari says to limit it to once a week, and a maximum of 25 times per head.

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