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Thread: Transitioning from children's hospital Pittsburgh to falk clinic

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    Transitioning from children's hospital Pittsburgh to falk clinic

    It so funny that someone asked a similar question in a separate thread. Just curious if anyone out here sees their cf doc at the falk clinic in Pittsburgh, PA. My son is 21, turning 22 soon and his clinic is going to begin the transition to adult care.
    Hoping there are others out there to give some insight. What I have heard thus far has me a little nervous. The nurses at the clinic we attend now say he will not have the same doc that he will be scheduled with whoever is available. Also that they want the patient to attend the appointment alone. Both these things strike me as super odd. Our nurse is aware and will help me explain to them that my son will not be able to handle his appointments alone and I will need to be there. He has autism and in all hnesty could care less what they say because he's too busy playing a game or watching a video. Also he is not going to speak to them, or relate anything back. I have never heard of a doctors appointment where the don't allow anyone to go back into the room with them. Shouldn't that be the patients decision?
    Hoping someone out there can share some positive experiences from this clinic. Thanks so much jshet22

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    Hi Jshet-

    I just transferred to UMPC about a year ago. I'm not sure where they got that information from. I have had my dad go back with me during my appointment. The only place they will not allow anyone else besides the patient is the PFT lab room.

    You should have only one doctor unless it's an emergency and you need to be seen sooner, then you would likely see another doctor.

    UPMC is fantastic. I haven't haven't had a problem with them yet, however, do not see the nurse practitioner, Tammy. There are several patients that do not like her.

    Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

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    Thank you Beautifulsoul for responding. I spoke with one of the nurses who has been there forever and was given this info. I was also told clinic is at Faulk and admissions are at shadyside. I feel so much better knowing I can go back with him without it being an issue. I was really worried about this, and so glad he will have the same doc because not only is that important for health, but seeing someone different all the time will be difficult for him. Another concern is that while he is inpatient at children's, I stay with him even at night. Is this allowed at Shadyside? Sorry for all the questions but we were not expecting this transition until he was 26 but his regular doc who said he could stay until then left last year and the new doc be said we will start now and transition over the next year. Thanks again

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    I have been going to falk for years and shadyside for admits I never had a problem having family staying nights at shadyside just rooms r small so far people have treated me very well and do there work very well also

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    I relocated to Pittsburgh about five years ago, and have been a patient at the UPMC adult clinic since moving here. Honestly, I love it. I really liked my last clinic and was a bit nervous about transitioning, but the doctors and nurses are absolutely fantastic and really know their stuff. They have four different CF doctors, and I don't always see the same one - I think they want all of their doctors to get to know each patient. If you're concerned about this, perhaps you can talk to them about it at your first appointment. I haven't had to be admitted to Shadyside yet, so I can't really comment on that.

    We CF patients are kind of a high-maintenance bunch, but anytime I need anything between clinic visits, they are always right on top of it. If I need antibiotics or other medications, I get them that day. If I need to be seen, they figure out a way to squeeze me in. The support staff (pharmacist, social worker, nutritionist, et al) has always been very responsive as well. Hopefully this puts your mind at east a bit. Good luck with the transition!!!

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    Thank you cam and Hail2pitt. You both have made me feel much better about this whole situation. It's tough, we have been going to CHP for 21 years, he sees 6 specialists, so it's kinda our home away from home. All his other docs are going to see him until he's 26 and after speaking with his surgeon on Monday, he said if he needs any other lung surgery, he can he can do it and he can be admitted until 26. He's just recovered from a pretty big lung surgery with complications, and am happy to know if he has any further issues for now, they can handle it. Hi clinic appt is mid September and we are to meet someone from the adult team and thanks yo you guys I feel much less anxious. Take care guys!

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