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Thread: Polymyxin b

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    Polymyxin b

    My daughter (24 y/o, double delta F508) is currently taking polymyxin b. Yes, she is down to the last of the antibiotics that may help her. Has anyone else taken this drug and what was your experience with it? She is experiencing tingling in her fingertips and some numbness in her tongue and face. IV diphenhydramine is administered before she starts it to help with itchy skin. The ID docs are hoping she can tolerate 7 days minimum but are hoping for 14 days. That is not likely. She is a double lung pre-transplant candidate, waiting on her Cocci titers to get low enough to be listed.

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    My son (29wcf) just finished 8 days of polymyxin b and it was grueling. They gave him IV Benadryl to manage the itching; he also experienced tingling of the extremities and wobbly legs. The worst by far were blinding migraines for 3 days that were only slightly helped by Percocet when every other remedy failed. Once the headaches disappeared everything else was bearable. The polymyxin did work, but he dreads the thought of having to go through that again! The docs were hopeful that the pseudomonas will mutate and not be resistant to everything next time. Best of luck to your daughter; please assure her that it does get a bit easier to handle!

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