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Thread: 70 Yr. Old Double Lung Transplant Done

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    70 Yr. Old Double Lung Transplant Done

    I recently had a double lung transplant. My fev1 prior to surg. was 19, 3 wks post surg. it is 72.
    Doing great otherwise. Just a little sore. I was placed on the transplant list Dec. 27 2017. Had my first dry run Jan. 4 and two more after the first dry run. I see where someone posted when do you know it is time for transplant. For me laying in bed at night wondering if I wanted to late and if I would get a offer in time.
    I know I wanted to use my old lungs as long as I could.
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    I am 69yrs. old delta F508, one of four siblings, diagnosed at age 12, three of us had CF. Bother passed away with CF when he was 24, some 30 yrs. ago. I worked 35 yrs. in Nuclear Medicine, retired in 2004 at age 57 to to take better care of my CF. Have been married to my bride 49 yrs.. Great woman to have put up with me this long. We adopted two children, 3 days old when adopted, now 40yrs. old with total of 5 grandchildren. My lung function is FEV1 of 25% FVC 90%.

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    Congrats! glad to hear you're doing so well.
    Parent to a child wcf double delta f508

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