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Thread: Anti-IgE Test

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    Anti-IgE Test

    DS' doctor retired and we're now attending a new CF Clinic and a few new labs were ordered. Got most of them figured out --- an additional liver test, the usual vitamin levels, glucose, immunoglobulin... However, on test that I couldn't find any info on, was
    , which was shown just as "elevated", no numbers. Of course looking on the internet managed to scare the heck out of me....

    We see the CF doctor later in the month. Meanwhile, what is
    testing for?
    Parent to a child wcf double delta f508

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    I've had this tested a couple of times. From my understanding, basically this is a test to see how well your body's immune system works and is able to fight off infection. They look at your white blood cell count. Some people with CF have auto immune issues or are at risk of developing them.

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