I live in Stuart FL and go to a CF Clinic in West Palm Beach. Weíre looking to move further north because the waterways here in south FL are awful. The discharges from Lake O into the St. Lucie River have made the intercoastal and waterways around here brown and full of bateria. My husband and I moved here two years ago from Illinois, thinking it be better for my health to be by the ocean, and half the year you cant enjoy the water. Iím also wondering about the mold here.
My FEV1 has been around 53% for a number of years, and it has dropped to 48% since we moved here.
I started Kalydeco 5 months ago and havenít really noticed a difference. Looking to move further north around St. Augustine/Jacksonville area where the water quality is better and its a little cooler in the winter. Iím wondering if anyone goes to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for their CF Care.