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Thread: alternates to neb compressors at home?

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    alternates to neb compressors at home?

    Hi all,
    Just had another Pari quit on me after several months, wondering if folks around here have recommendations about really good brands that last years and/or if anyone has gotten creative with alternate solutions (home medical grade air tank + compressor or anything)?

    Have always liked the idea of a tank/accumulator but haven't looked much into filtering and maintaining good clean breathable air with a system like that.

    Thanks for any tips/suggestions!

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    We started off with Pari and then a relative gave us a 10 year old Devilbiss Pulmoaide for use as a spare. Realized how poorly the Pari had been performing -- as a newbie didn't realize Tobi shouldn't take 25-30 minutes. So I purchased a devilbiss and it worked great for a couple years, but their warranty program is a pain. Unlike Pari where you can call and they'll send you a replacement overnight and you just ship back the faulty one with postage paid...Devilbiss requires you go to a Durable Medical Equipment provider and they ship it out and it took about 3 weeks turnover.

    Do I bought a Invacare 50 psi
    out of pocket for about $225. Looks like a mini air compressor you'd have in a garage. We use the pari vios for travel and the Invacare as the at home work horse.
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    If you've ever used Cayston, you should have an Altera system. I use it for everything except hypertonic saline. It works well.

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