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Thread: Severe Muscle Aches and Pseudomonas

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    Severe Muscle Aches and Pseudomonas

    Hi all,

    I’ve just cultured pseudomonas for the first time. Can this bacteria cause flu like achiness?

    I’ve been dealing with some neurological issues as well and diagnosis has been difficult. I’m currently awaiting new patient approval from a wonderful neurologist who specializes in “zebra cases”. A term which I assume means “you’re too much of an oddity for us to figure out”.

    I’m hoping the achiness is a symptom of the infection which would mean treatment for the newest neuro diagnosis (from my pain doc) of spasicity is working, though the cause is still unknown.

    I just started the Cipro for the pseudomonas yesterday and the TOBI is going through insurance approval right now. Luckily it’s a light growth but the species is unknown.

    My CF center said it could be the cause but I’d like to hear some first hand experiences.

    Thank you!

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    Yes it can. I culture pseudomonas and it has caused me to have joint pain, body pain, fever, and swelling when an infection kicks up. It's called Reactive Arthritis. It's gotten worse as I've gotten older (I'm 32 now), but originally I never had pain issues with it when I was younger. The symptoms always subside after a couple of days of IV meds (I can't take orals).

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    Yes.Any increase in infective burden in your body, whether pseudomonas,staph, ntm etc can all trigger aches and pains or reactive arthritis. Sometimes the first symptom for me of a chest exacerbation is joint pain, and it always gets better as my chest gets better

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    Thanks y’all. The achiness went away but started back up again, worse. And the side effects of the tobi are terrible. Going to post another thread on that one..,

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