My name is Laura, I am from the Netherlands. Since we don't have a active CF forum I was hoping to get some answers here.

My daughter (12 years old) was recently diagnosed with severe nasal polyps. There is no known CF in our family. My oldest daughter has had some chestinfections when she was young, and mij youngest daughter (2 years old) has had 2 pneumonia's in 4 months time.
CF had to be ruled oud, so they did DNA testing. Yesterday we got the results back, but it didn't make any sense to us.
They said that there were no signs of CF in her DNA, but they had to do the test again to be 100% sure? Also, our ENT couldn't see the test results due to bad scanning in the computer system, she could only see the message that was sent with the test, and that we had to do the test again.

I've been researching a lot, but I have never seen anything about doing the test again to rule out for the second time. I asked the ENT why the test needed to be done again, but she didn't know and thought it was strange. She adviced us to wait for the test results, but that's going to take another 3 to 5 weeks.

Is it normal to do the test again if the first one was negative?