Hello all,

My name is Sarah and my husband, Dave, is 31 and has Cystic Fibrosis. We put together a video last year for the CFF Great Strides walk in order to raise awareness for the walk and the disease and to tell Dave's story. In doing so, we got a lot of questions, particularly about what it was like being younger with CF, and what it was like to grow up in to adulthood with it. We hope to do an updated video and really take in to consideration everyones questions. So that is where you guys come in : ) are there any topics, ANY at all, that you would like us to cover? and specific questions that you would like his perspective on? He's been through all the hormones and done the whole school thing and juggled treatments/doctors/medicine at the same time. this is his original video https://youtu.be/iri9hHC4yYI any questions would be helpful! i'll post the video back on here when its reordered and done : ) thanks in advance you guys, and take care. <3