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Thread: LUTRISH - A new chocolate flavored nutritional shake

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    LUTRISH - A new chocolate flavored nutritional shake

    Hi Everyone,

    We just wanted to get the word out that we launched Lutrish Chocolate Flavored Shakes last month for the Cystic Fibrosis community. We know how much the discontinuation of Scandishake Chocolate affected patients, and are really excited to provide a solution. Each packet contains 560 calories when mixed with 8 oz of whole milk. And most importantly, it was developed with the goal of making sure it tastes great! It is currently available on, and also most of the CF specialty pharmacies are able to order as well. If you are on Healthwell, you can call us to order and we will bill Healthwell directly so you have no out of pocket expense. Be sure to talk to your CF care team about wanting to try Lutrish.

    Any questions, we're happy to answer.

    Have a great day!

    The Lutrish Team

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    Is this available in Canada ?

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    Unfortunately, Lutrish is not available in Canada. Sorry

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    I just looked on the lutrish site for nutritional facts and am not impressed. I donít take kindly to people who try to
    profit off of CF patients and I donít think advertising on this forum is appropriate. 70 dollars is outlandish for a product whose nutritional value seems to come largely from the milk added to a product with a fair amount of fat, minimal protein, and sugar (which costs nearly nothing). Drink a cup of milk and put peanut butter, regular butter, and some honey on a piece of toast. I know we need high fat and high protein and you can do it healthier and at a fraction of the cost. Also, given many of our blood sugar issues - I wouldnít touch this stuff for that reason alone. I drink soylent - it actually contains nutrition.

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    We appreciate your feedback and opinion. Lutrish is not right for everyone, and should be discussed with your CF team. We're not looking to advertise on the forum and take away from the value it has in connecting CF patients, just trying to educate the community on a new option.

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    Happy to see new shakes on the market!

    Dear Lutrish - Sorry you got your head bit off by that other member. I for one am very thankful that you all have entered the market. I just found out about you today. Yes, it was mind-boggling that the people who make Scandishakes discontinued the chocolate flavor. That was the most popular flavor! How is it possible for a food company to say we don't offer a product in chocolate flavor??! I just checked your nutrition info versus Scandishake, and they are virtually identical. I don't know why that other member was so irate. Anyway, I was recently needing to place an order for more scandishakes and found that Foundation Care (where I have gotten my Scandishakes for several years) was OUT of vanilla and strawberry, too. Those flavors were on back-order. Something must be seriously wrong at Aptalis (the makers of Scandishakes) for them to not make a chocolate flavor and then let one of their top distributors run out of the next two most popular flavors. Seriously, you may need to get prepared to offer a full slate of Lutrish flavors. Wish you prices were just a little lower, say $60 for a case instead of $70. Do you offer free shipping? Best wishes.
    Dan - Male, age 50, DF508 x 2, diagnosed age 1 month,
    Chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, CFRD, PI; seen at NWern Univ CF Center in Chicago, IL USA

    Loved by God and blessed every day

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    Thanks for your post, and sorry for the late response! While I don't know the reason for the Scandishake backorder, I can tell you that I know Vanilla is now available. Lutrish is also now available through Foundation Care if that's who you use. It should be up on their website soon. We are looking forward to adding additional flavors, along with new, unique nutritional products for CF. We'll be sharing some more details at an upcoming CF Dietitian meeting in April. The $69.99 cost of Lutrish does include free shipping. Unfortunately, we are a small family owned company and don't have much negotiating power with our manufacturers. We've been in contact with the enzyme companies about offering our product in their programs, but no firm commitments at this time. I hope I've answered all of your questions, but let me know if I missed anything.

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    Unfortunately, Lutrish is only available in the U.S. We will look to expand into other markets in the future.

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