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Thread: Scared about the future?

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    Scared about the future?

    Iím a CFer and college senior. Iím in the process of applying to graduate school, but Iím scared that I might be wasting my time getting an upper-level degree, because I wonít be able to work enough during my life to pay off school debt. I am relatively healthy, with an FEV of 89%, but I always feel like Iím getting sick. I donít know if Iím being realistic or not, but itís just a nagging fear I have. Have any of you dealt with something similar? How did you deal with it?

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    Absolutely continue to get your degree. With the new meds that are coming out and our lifespan expectations rising, you very well could continue to work a long time. I say while you're focused and young and still have the ability and no real responsibilities (house payment and what not) go for it. You'll be happy you did. Also there are a lot of high paying jobs out there that will allow you to work from home, which is great for us because of our amazing multitasking abilities.

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    I am a college professor and was diagnosed early in my career. I think a graduate degree is worth it for the experience in itself. If you really love your subject/field the ability to focus on it can be so rewarding. Graduate work is so different than undergraduate. I would tell your major professor after you are accepted if you are comfortable doing so. I have had students of my own with different issues and I am glad they shared so I understood how to best help them. Will you be on assistantship and does the University cover health insurance to some degree? Does your field require research outdoors?

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    Next week I will be 78. I have 2 college degrees and I have been married for 55 years. Yesterday I chatted with a guy 57 who was dx at age 41. His mother tested positive at that thim also, today she is 94.

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    I'm not in the same position, but no, you're not wasting time. Continue to go for what you want in life. You can't predict the future too far ahead. We wouldn't get anywhere if we kept saying, "what if"

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