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Thread: Where can i get sweat test?

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    Where can i get sweat test?

    I'm 35, my doctors have checked to see if any of the labs or local hospitals perform sweat tests on adults and it doesn't appear like any of them offer the test to adults.

    I've been experiencing contraction alkalosis post exercise and i have a history of abdominal pain/digestive problems. My grandmother died in her late 40's from pneumonia after being diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis a few years prior. I have the following CFTR variants:

    NM_000492.3(CFTR):c.1727G>C (p.Gly576Ala)
    NM_000492.3(CFTR):c.2002C>T (p.Arg668Cys)
    NM_000492.3(CFTR):c.1408G>A (p.Val470Met)
    NM_000492.3(CFTR):c.4389G>A (p.Gln1463=)

    I don't know if the 576 & 668 are in cis or trans, apparently they are too far apart to tell from NGS. I know this would be an atypical CF presentation, but I would like to have sweat test.

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    My cf clinic does them. Go onto and look up cf care teams. Hopefully there is one nearby to call. They will either do them or no where to get one.

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    I had mine done when I was was four years of age, now am 51, was not supposed to pass no later than 18. Military doctor, very nice man, I can still see his concerned face. I was to be brought back in but my parents had a lot of issues and that never occured. With time as I reached into my teens I started taking suppliments, had some positives from that, also tried to learn about nutrition.

    A few years back for other reasons I did a dna sample with 23andme. Back then there was some sort of litigation issue holding up the health profile part of things, so I got it cheap. I wasnt looking for that at that point anyhow. Last year raw data was brought to me, and I went through every single thing myself and learned a TON! Right inside of it there it was Cystic Fibrosis! Other things were also brought to light---wow what a mess my DNA is, no wonder so many issues! The scientists log the checks on these things and this one was checked multiple times. I found it amusing, it was like they were scratching their heads in confusion!. So you can also do it DNA style as well if you wish. To find one that does the sweat test I am unclear where to point you, but that is the test that was done on me when I was diagnosed at age four.
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    It sounds to me that you need a FULL CYSYIC FIBROSIS SEQUENCING. This is a simple blood draw that will identify every known CF mutation. Have your Doctor refer you to an APPROVED CYSTIC FIBROSIC CLINIC and see a CYSTIC FIBROSIS SPECIALIST.
    Male 77 CF undetected until age 47. (First symptoms at age 3) Delta F508 & V562I with one copy of Variant 5T. 100% PI. MAC, CFRD.

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