Hey guys,

thanks for all your responses, they've been amazingly helpful. When i wrote that post I did have a pretty shit day and it may of come accross i was panicking... I just want to say one thing, never have I ever doubted my relationship and I will never let CF affect it, it may have came accross i was ready to call it a day... 100% that was not the case... I just really wanted to know from a point of view that I will never be able to imagine... yours. the first time it can be pretty confusing. I kinda did forget you know she has been tackling this herself independently for a long time before me, all of a sudden she doesn't need another person worrying about her, but the natural human instinct for someone you do care about is to try and help them

She is 22 and I am 24 for those that asked.

After writing and reading these posts she has got a lot better and is actually out this week! i have also been a lot better, focused on making her laugh and making sure my visits are just like they are at home, fun laid back and just enjoying each others company

You seriously have been a great voice to speak to all of you and I have changed my approach majorly.

All i really wanted her to know is you know this shit is not going to scare me off and I hope she knows that after these last 3 weeks.

I will keep in touch

thank you all and will keep replying to your posts if you have any questions