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Thread: Sauna and CF

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    Sauna and CF

    Hi all, anyone with Sauna-ing experience?

    I recently started looking into Saunas for overall health benefits, such as improved circulation, reduced inflammatory muscle/joint pain, increased white cells (immune system) etc. I'm referring to the dry saunas with the hot rocks as used in Finland, not a Steam Room which I avoid due to the moisture+heat combo. Anyway, I've gone a few times and felt really great immediately afterwards!...But then within two hours I start feeling quite ill and tired, with a headache, which lasted about a day each time before I started feeling okay again.

    Rather than some 'detoxing' symptom, I can only assume I get dehydrated and low on salt - even though I only go in for 10-15 minutes, it is HOT and one sweats a ton so my question is:

    - How much extra salt to consume before/after
    - What other electrolytes to take
    - How much water to drink before/after?

    I tried googling but no luck in this context.

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    I would think with headache you are definitely dehydrated. Be careful.

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    Definitely sounds like dehydration. I know some athletes take Salt Tablets --- I order the Salt Stick brand for my husband & cousin (No CF) during the summer when they participate in a cross country old car rally.
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    Thanks for the input. I was wondering about a more exact guideline for salt replacement in CF? What do your clinics commonly tell you? I've generally just been told to eat a lot of salty snacks, but I found a guideline online which recommends 6000mg/d of sodium for CF Adults (that is 3 teaspoons of salt a day!).

    Like many people with CF I do love my salt on everything, but I don't think I consumed as much salt on the days I went in the I'll increase the salt and water, especially on days I'm also exercising, and see if it's any better.

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    With DS, his doctor was never concerned with salt intake as long as he also had plenty to drink. His daycare kept the kids very active -- they walked everywhere, participated in sports, bike rides, sledding --- and they either provided him with crackers or pretzels or his preference was taking hits off his very own salt shaker.
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    My son, a senior in HS this year and varsity football player, takes a salt tablet every day before he heads off for practice and one at night before he goes to bed. If he has a headache because of sweating too much during practice, we live in Texas, he knows to pop an extra salt tablet. A good way to check for dehydration is the color of your urine. I know it is not every ones favorite method, but the more yellow the more dehydrated.
    If the urine color is fine, then I would guess it is salt. CFer's tend to lose way more than most. If taking a tablet prior to entering the Sauna does not solve that problem, I would get with your CF specialist and see if they have any ideas.

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    Thanks for the input - I'll keep this in mind. I'm in South Africa so yes the climate is generally sunny and warm, so the salt in summer especially is worth looking into (and not just for sauna).

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