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Thread: Sweat test result: 58

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    Sweat test result: 58

    Hi, I'm 23 years old and I've had nasal polyps for a couple of years and get a chest infection every now and again. I was recently sent for a sweat test as my ENT thought it was strange for me to have nasal polyps at such a young age. The results of the sweat test came back as a 58? The ENT said this is an "intermediate results but it's very likely that I have cystic fibrosis". My GP called today to say that I'm being referred to a CF centre now and that they might do the sweat test again as it wasn't conclusive and that I mightn't have CF. Does anybody know if results can fluctuate so wildly from 58 to below 40? That seems like a crazy jump. I'm very unfamiliar with CF so would appreciate any information. Thanks!

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    Sweat tests can fluctuate based on who conducts the testing. In the states it's recommended a test be done at an accredited CF facility. In my son's case, he was tested as an infant at a CF Facility and had a result of a 37. Apparently it's very difficult to get an accurate read on teeny tiny babies.

    Depending upon the results of your sweat test, they'll most likely do genetic blood testing --- test for some of the most common mutations. In our case, it was a test of about 100 and our son has one of the most common.

    Could be you're a carrier --- meaning one mutation instead of two. Several of my relatives have struggled with sinus issues and have had numerous surgeries all their lives, yet don't have CF, one isn't even a carrier.

    Do you have digestive issues? Have difficulty gaining weight? Have they ever run cultures on you when you've gotten a chest or sinus infect to see if you culture something out of the norm?
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    The sweat test that is given outside of a CF Center is only a "scanning sweat test". That is the reason that you were told that your CF Center will redo the test.
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    My son is 19. He was born with Tracheobronchomalacia so we blamed every respiratory illness on his misshaped and floppy airway. He had 2 Sweat Tests over the years, both borderline results. At age 14 after his 7th pneumonia his pulmonary specialist did a genetics test for CF. No mutations were found only poly T Variant 7T/7T. He was diagnosed with CRMS - Cystic Fibrosis Related Metabolic Syndrome. He gets full CF protocol treatments. He does an airway clearance vest 2xs daily, Pulmozyme, Hypertonic Saline Solution, ZenPep Enzymes, The Greens in lieu of MiraLax, reflux meds, Flovent (he also has EoE). He does Atrovent, Steroids and Antibiotics PRN. To date he's had 2 RSVs, 9 Pneumonia, 7 Bronchitis', 16 Croups and I lost count of sinus infections. He has Bronchiectasis.

    Bottom line ask your Dr if CRMS dx fits you.

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