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Thread: Newly Cultured NTM/MAC

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    Question Newly Cultured NTM/MAC

    I got a call from my CF doctor yesterday. She asked how ive been feeling as ive had a drop in my 02 saturation over the past week or two (from 99% to 92% on 2 Liters of 02). I told her I havent had any fevers and my sputem hasnt been dark green or taste like it does when im having my usual flare up of Psuedomonas or Staph. However im having a hard time breathing and my heart rate has been in the 130s when talking a short walk. she then informed me that my recent sputem culture that was taken a few weeks ago came back and it tested positive for NTM or MAC? She said this could be causing my problems with breathing and mentioned a 12 month treatment of IVs.. Ive never grown this in my sputem, ever.
    If anyone has any info for me about NTM please tell me what this means??
    im so confused??

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    Hi friend,
    NTM Is Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterium. My daughter has this in her cultures too, and it's hard to treat. There are wonderful threads on this forum about it....including one I recently started. Here is one I find very informative:

    In the search engine look for:
    Mycobacterium, or MAC or NTM and many great threads will pop up for you. It has made my daughter extremely tired. She is like a different person since this all started. I wish I had a better outlook, but that's our experience.

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