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Thread: Medicare- Is there ANY way to get HOME IVs covered?

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    Home IV therapy

    Quote Originally Posted by atrippet View Post
    I called Compass (cf legal hotline) in June and they have not been able to help me prior to today. I finally got someone...named Aaron who is helping me nail down a Medi care Advantage plan that seems to be good and may allow me to get home ivs w a $100 copay. I'm calling tomorrow to verify. I'll let you all know if it works! It's called Care Improvement Plus RPPO. I believe only $36 a month on top of my $109 A & B. Replaces the part D prescription plan.
    I'm really curious about this. I have always bitched to my doctor that 2 weeks in the hospital is putting me at more risk than home treatment. Since entering Medicare...I've had to stick it out in the hospital with triple the costs...that's government policy for you! My medicare supplement will not pay on any service that medicare denies, so I'm stuck. I didn't realize there was any Medicare Advantage program out there that we could qualify for if considered disabled. I really hope this is the answer you are looking for because it will be my answer too.

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    I hope you get your home IV's and supplies covered. I always end up with leftover supplies, like boxes of saline and heparin flushes, iv change kits, etc. I wish there was some way to get them to folks who are paying out of pocket for these things. I can't even find anywhere to donate them. They are all still sealed and sanitary. I usually hang on to them in case I need them again bf they are expired, but most of the time I end up throwing them away.

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    Hi there,

    I am so sorry that you are having to deal with these issues while you are sick. Unfortunately as nurse coordinator I have encountered similar situations.

    We have had to use the help of a nonprofit organization called Cystic Dreams in the past to help patients get things paid for that insurance didn't cover and or were too expensive.*

    On the last post it sounded like maybe compass at was able to recommend a more affordable plan for you? Did you get the help you needed from Compass? They can be very helpful as they have tons of resources. *

    Each situation, state, region and plan is so different.*

    If you think its appropriate I'd be glad to speak with you and try to figure it out together.*

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    I know every state is different so I don't know if this will help but I am assuming you are on disability to be eligible for Medicare at 34, if that is the case you may be eligible for SSI, Here in NC I am on both SSDI and SSI, being on SSI qualified me for Medicaid which helps, though home infusion is still an issue for me, my hospital UNC has a care program that helps cover the few things my insurance won't. I am also confused about the Medicare part D supplement plan, my dad who is 56 and on disability has a supplement plan, mine was set up for me when I got my disability so I've never had to look for my own supplement plan

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    Thank you everyone! Just saw these posts. I've had a sick fall with back to back hospital stays. Home ivs ended up costing me $200 for one week. I could not opt out of supplies even though I already had that stuff. The infusion company said I had to pay for all. At least it got me home. I did not qualify for Medicaid or any financial assistance. Even though my husband and I both have cf and are on disability. We put too many work credits into the system. Good for us at the time to work as long as we could so whatever. Thank you Tamika..I will be looking into that. My medicines are extremely expensive right now bc I'm in the "donut hole." I don't understand how they expect me to pay $900 for one medication... $128 for another... $100 for's crazy. Most of the copay assistant plans I can't use bc of Medicare. I did find 3 Medicare ppl can use:

    1) got to keep Healthwell
    2) PAN Patient Assistance Network
    3) PSI Patient Services Inc.

    This Medicare advantage plan is good in the fact that I can see whatever Dr I want and travel over state lines. In Network benefits are the same as Out of Network. So I have seen some of my specialists that I haven't been able to see.

    Another way to get ivs covered is to go to an infusion clinic. Covered under part b but still costs a lot. I don't know how much bc I didn't do that bc I would have had to wear a pump...and go into the office 3 times a week..not close to my house. I'm on continuous zosyn. The home infusion company I went with had gravity ball.

    All and all...I think it is the best option. It kept me out of the hospital some of the 5 weeks I was on ivs.

    In Jan I will be able to apply for tier exemptions that will make my scripts cheaper.

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    Can you please give me the name of your supplement plan and the cost. We have been going through enrolling in medicare and the drug costs are unaffordable on top of what a supplement costs.
    Just creon, Humalog and one other are 500.00 a month.
    Also what state are you in?

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