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Thread: How do you keep from getting sick?

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    How do you keep from getting sick?

    What tricks do you use from not getting sick ? I am preparing to start my semester and I am curious what everyone does to stay healthy when around lots of germs. I teach about 100 different college student a day. I teach exercise science so I am adjusting form and touching sweaty people all day.

    Things I DO during the semester
    Oregano Oil
    Washing my hands after each class and hand sanitizer
    Nettie pot in morning and night

    What tricks do you swear by for not getting sick ?

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    Handwashing. Avoiding people with an active cough or at least keeping a distance from them and washing hands after. Lots of Fluids. Hot tea. Shower at night. Flu shot every flu season and hopefully friends and family get flu shot too.

    Also, resting when rest is needed...

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    I'd add wearing a mask on public transportation (bus, train, plane) and getting the QUAD flu shot in early sept and then again in January.
    Yep, rest is critical. Not skimping on sleep at night and a nap during the day if needed.
    If we've been in a place that we consider "germy" or heavy in allergens, we strip off clothes as soon as we get home and they go right into the washer, and then shower. Carrying personal hand sanitizer is a necessity. And in general, dont touch your face with your hands unless you have just washed or sanitized.
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    Washing hands as you already do and use hand sanitizer if you shake hands with someone .
    Use paper towel to open and close public bathroom doors.
    One thing I do is sterilize my nebulizer after each neb treatment. I have not been sick in yrs. or had iv's in 10 yrs.
    Good luck!
    I am 69yrs. old delta F508, one of four siblings, diagnosed at age 12, three of us had CF. Bother passed away with CF when he was 24, some 30 yrs. ago. I worked 35 yrs. in Nuclear Medicine, retired in 2004 at age 57 to to take better care of my CF. Have been married to my bride 49 yrs.. Great woman to have put up with me this long. We adopted two children, 3 days old when adopted, now 40yrs. old with total of 5 grandchildren. My lung function is FEV1 of 25% FVC 90%.

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    It is great hearing that you are doing so well.

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    I work with a lot of people who like to show up for work sick. Blech! I think the biggies are wash your hands, don't touch your face.. I use hand sanitizer at work when I sit down at my desk after entering the building (touching door knobs, time clock, copier...) I use it after handling money, shaking hands, taking applications or paperwork. I use it when I get into my car when out shopping or gassing up the car. I wash my hands when I enter our house. Use hand sanitizer frequently at the clinic --- try not to touch arms on chairs, railings on stair or escalators, elevator buttons.... Don't read the community magazines. Get flu shots, make sure others in close proximity (family, coworkers, friends) do as well.

    Never really paid attention until DS was born, now it's a habit.
    Parent to a child wcf double delta f508

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