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    Px Routine

    From "You're Only Old Once" by Dr. Seuss

    This small white pill is what I munch
    at breakfast and right after lunch,
    I take the pill that's Kelly green
    before each meal and in between.

    These loganberry-colored pills
    I take for early morning chills.
    I take the pill with zebra stripes
    to cure my early evening gripes.

    These orange-tinted ones, of course,
    I take to cure my charley horse.
    I take three blues at half past eight
    to slow my exhalation rate.

    On alternate nights at nine p.m.
    I swallow pinkies. Four of them,
    The reds, which make my eyebrows strong,
    I eat like popcorn all day long.

    The speckled browns are what I keep
    beside my bed to help me sleep.
    This long flat one is what I take
    if I should die before I wake.
    Thirtysomething Dad of three (IVFw/ICSI), Mormon, Engineer in Utah.
    I was dx at 1 yr (failure to thrive), D▲F508, FEV1~94%, PA and MSSA, PI.
    2 brothers w/CF, 3 siblings w/out. My wife and parents are saints.

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    Love this!

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