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Thread: What were your first symptoms?

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    What were your first symptoms?

    Hey there! My daughter's doctor is recommending a CF test. Her only symptom (as far as I know) is a cough that won't go away no matter what we have tried. Could that be the only symptom?

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    My first symptom would be my salty sweat and my lack of weight gain. Unfortunately for me those things were classified as something else, my lack of weight gain was attributed to my ADHD, at the time I did not know that my sweat was saltier than normal. It wasn't until High School that I started coughing a lot and producing mucus unfortunately that was chalked up to allergies. In all honesty the only reason I found out that I have CF is because I have scoliosis had a severe 75 degree curve in my spine it was the day of my surgery that the anesthesiologist refuse to put me under because I had fluid on my lungs they sent me to a lung doctor who at first thought I had bronchitis it took a while but finally someone listened and thought to test me for CF unfortunately the doctors only went so far as to tell me I had CF and that was it, and if you don't know anything about mutations and severity looking at CF on WebMD scary as hell. To answer your question my first symptoms were my lack of weight gain as a child and of course my salty skin

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