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Thread: Durham NC possible relocate question

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    Durham NC possible relocate question

    My son will be starting the lung transplant evaluation process which we know we will have to move within 30 minutes of Duke if he's accepted. Does anyone know of any apartments close by? We have started looking but are only finding like hotels or really expensive condos

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    You may want to check out Facebook group - Duke Lung Transplantees. My wife found that group to be extremely helpful.

    A lot of people stayed at Clairmont at Hillandale Apts across from rehab. you'll want to be close to the rehab center.

    We actually were blessed with a great deal on a rental home through the Duke Concierge department. They can also get you discounted rates on hotels for your evaluation and appointments before you relocate.

    Hope this helps.
    God Bless!

    I'm 13 months out and never felt better!

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    Thank you this helps

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    Tammy15, Duke will give you a whole packet on relocation and options. Its pretty useful.
    And keep in mind, Duke may accept him, but say it's not time yet. That is where I am sitting, in the "not quite yet" category.
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