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Good luck tomorrow. Whether cf or not some good suggestions from others here. I'll just add a thought. Keeping sinuses as clean as possible is obviously a priority to reduce conditions favorable to polyp growth. My son (16 now) had recurring polyp growth and surgeries when he was 9-11 years old but not since. Regular with nasal rinse 2x a day. Find what you daughter can tolerate and just stick with it. My son also does nebulized budesonide after his rinse. A lot to the routine but he's a champ and rarely complains. His ENT at Children's Boston chalks the success to diligence in the routine...and maybe a bit of luck along the way. You are lucky to have Hopkins, they too, have excellent physicians who can steer you in the right direction, whichever that may be.

Thank you! I appreciate your helpful information in regards to polyps!