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Thread: How do you clean an Aerobika?

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    How do you clean an Aerobika?

    Could you put it in a WABI? Can you sterilize it?

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    Cleaning between uses: It's recommended that you disassemble parts, soak with soap and water for 15 min and let air dry before reassembling (suggests using distilled water to prevent mineral buildup- but i don't do this)

    Sterilize once a day by first disassembling parts, cleaning with soap and water, and then using a electronic steam sterilizer, like the WABI, or boiling for 10 min (again recommends distilled water, but I use tap). When boiling, it's recommended that you place a rack on the bottom of the pot to prevent plastic parts from coming in contact with the hot bottom. Let air dry thoroughly before reassembling.

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    Thank you!

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    Hi @Rebjane!

    Aerobika responded to our post on social media with their cleaning instructions as well! Here they are:
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    I must confess I found the video from Aerobika a little confusing. It shows cleaning by taking it apart and soaking in hot soapy water for 15 minutes, then rinsing and letting it air dry, putting it back together and apparently. . . . that's the end? First, please note that Aerobika does say DISINFECTING is needed every day. I don't know if they consider hot soapy water a disinfectant, but we do not. My understanding from our RT's at Clinic is in line with the list at the end of Aerobika's video - the recommended method is just as jricci says - Electronic Steam Sterilizer (WABI is one). They also list boiling and microwave steam bags, which is pretty traditional in the CF world. Two of the other methods they list - respiratory disinfectant and alcohol - are not recommended by my team - ever - not even for nebulizers.


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    Thank you, Gammaw. I have been boiling it after use. I was afraid it would melt or something but it did not. I boil for 10 minutes then airdry.

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