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Thread: Pre-existing conditions( Changes to health care bill)

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    Pre-existing conditions( Changes to health care bill)

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    It looks like, as of today, the White House is looking to bring about another health care bill. This time, the pre-existing condition clause is on the chopping block. From my very basic understanding, it would give states the right to "opt out" of parts of Obamacare, including covering pre-existing. It will also allow those with pre-existing conditions to be charged substantially more in premiums. Ugh..

    These changes are being made to try to appease the Freedom Caucus, who wanted more of Obamacare gutted than in the previous bill. Once again, we watch and we wait.

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    I call my congressman EVERY DAy I usefive calls.
    I downloaded it on my phone a few months that it gives updates every day...congress and justice department

    Salt and Light,

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