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Thread: Transplant and sinusitis

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    Transplant and sinusitis

    I have chronic sinusitis, have had numerous surgeries 20 years ago, which did not prevent infection. I have heard that sinusitis often causes acute rejection after transplant. Are there any newer procedures, sinus inhaled meds or other things I can do to try to get this under control before a transplant?? Anyone transplanted that has chronic sinusitis? How are you managing it?

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    Yes, I've had to deal with this the past 5 years or so. ENT has prescribed daily sinus rinses, saline spray & Flonase. As well as daily Zyrtec. I've also had recurring nasal polyps which need to be removed every 1-2 years. I've never had rejection because of this.
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    I have chronic sinusitis and am planning on being transplanted sometime in the near future. Your post galvanized me into action. I'm now doing saline rinses at least once a day, if not twice. Thanks for the kick in the booty.
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