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Thread: Birtdaycards from around the world :)

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    Birtdaycards from around the world :)

    Hi !
    My name is Carola andI live in Sweden. I have the disease Cystic Fibrosis and Im 44 yearsold. I was doublelungtransplanted in 1995 and kidneytransplanted in2006. I know how hard life can be sometimes and how much a specialgreeting means, when you are "down" and your disease isgiving you a hard "fight". That is why I have started aserious and whole hearted postcard site on facebook calledvykortshjälpen, in english it is called “The postcardhelp”. Hereyou are welcome to ad for free if you or somebody you know, needsextra support or just need to get a smile on your/their faces. It canbe done by giving them postcards or letters, that caring peoplearound the world wants to send when they read and watch your ad. Youcan also ask for help if you or a loved one is collecting somethingspecial. You can watch the site here on facebook at
    It is directed to people with diseases, children in some kind ofneed, poor people, olderly, alone people, war veterans and many morecategories !
    Welcome to visit and join us !
    Blessings fromCarola Forsberg

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    God bless you Carola. xoxo

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