Hi everyone,

My name is Lisa. I'm 45 years old now; I was diagnosed at age 24. Fortunately, I don't have any pancreas problems or diabetes. For me, it's mostly my sinuses (9 sinus surgeries) and lungs (about three years ago, I traded pseudomonas for mycobacterium abscessus). I also cough up a lot of blood (had one bronchial artery embolization).

I'm a college professor, and I really love my job. Increasingly, I've been dealing with a lot of pain (hands, neck, etc.). Rheumatologist has ruled out arthritis; she said it sounds more like fibromyalgia. But, lately, the pain has been bothering more than anything else. Worried that I won't be able to teach much longer, which is heartbreaking.

Happily married for ten years. Enjoy reading, traveling, and scrabble.

I've been reading posts for the past several years but never chimed in. I live in northern California and attend the Adult CF Center at UC Davis.

Thanks for letting me lurk in the past. I'll try to offer insight and/or support when I can. I guess it's just nice to know that we're not alone, right? :-)