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Thread: Who are you in a nut shell

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    who are you

    My name is Steve
    I'm 20
    I live in New Jersey
    I weigh about 160 lbs. and am 6ft
    I write obnoxious blogs
    I study music education
    I love to write
    I have a beautiful girlfriend who might actually want to stick it out with me
    I have become involved in Great Strides (thanks to girl above)
    I love chicken w/ extra salt
    I'd eat chunks of salt if it didn't burn my tongue
    I've had salt eating competitions at the late night hall at school and am undefeated
    I am liberal but appreciate a different point of view that has been studied and thoughtfully arrived at
    I am atheist
    I wish I was a better person
    I wish I didn't always feel so inadequate
    (me) <-that's me in a nutshell

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    who are you

    My name is Blake

    Blake is my middle name

    I'm a guy

    I'll be 21 June 2nd (woo!)

    I grew up in Tennessee

    My doctors at Vanderbilt (Nashville TN) are AMAZING

    TN insurance (TennCare) is the most HORRIBLE program in existance

    I have been staying in Arizona for the past three months for work/education, I really love the area here, but REALLY don't like the people here (no offense David)
    I will soon be moving to California for insurance purposes

    I was dx (diagnosed) from day 1 (my older brother had CF)

    I weigh 180 pounds, and am 5'11

    My PFT's are currently 115, I've gotten them as high as almost 130

    Up until last September I was a professional dancer / actor in musical theatre

    I used to be VERY fit and muscular, but sadly that has changed ever since I stopped dancing

    I have been to 8 different countries

    I want a wife and kids more than just about anything

    I am too afraid of the results to get tested

    I am very afraid of diabetes

    I have a dog back in TN and I miss him very very much

    I LOVE Steak and Chinese... and Teryaki suace... and Chik-Fil-A

    I'm addicted to Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate milk, but I don't like plain chocolate

    I eat more cereal than anyone I've ever met in my entire life

    I take 10 Creon20 capsules with each meal

    I think that the Creon "More EXTRA Helpings" program is the best thing ever

    I LOVE freaking people out by taking all of my pills and vids in one swallow

    I grew up in the south but there's nothing that bugs me more than horrible grammar

    I am a Christian, but I am deathly tired of religion

    I'm either very distant and thoughtful, or very funny and the life of the party

    I'm hardly ever angry, and very kind hearted

    I really wish I could control when to be thoughtful and when to be funny

    I am very ashamed to say it, but I'm ADDICTED to myspace

    I very rarely talk about my CF because I don't like when people pity me or give me special treatment due to my health

    When I start typing something out, I don't stop, and it always comes out three pages longer than needed.

    I have never met anyone with CF other than my brother, so I would love to talk if anyone so desired.

    AIM: Lance2020x

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    who are you

    Originally posted by: kbn

    I'm Kim

    41 years old, diagnosed at 19 after years of misdiagnosis

    Df508 and 2789 G->A

    I live in MA north of Boston

    I'm 5'10" and weigh 145

    PFTs in the 40s

    Married with a 16 1/2 year-old son (no CF) and 3 cats

    No longer working but volunteer

    Exercise regularly, do yoga

    Love to read, cook, eat, sew, knit, travel and garden

    I don't post often -- those of you who know me are probably shocked that i am now!

    I had to pick myself up off the floor Kimmie! LMAO....

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    who are you

    My name is Melissa

    I am 38 from NY State. Dx @ 7 after crapping my brains out for years with no answers from allergy testing.
    I stand 5' 3" & weigh 115lbs. I have DDF508; FEV1 36%
    I am married with an 8 3/4 year old daughter. We have 1 dog, 1 cat, 4 parakeets & 1 fish.
    I enjoy music & dancing as well as a good laugh.
    I am very outspoken regarding my health & helping others, but need work on standing up for myself in areas outside of CF.
    I have 3 bros, 3 sis, 4 nieces, 5 nephews, 1 great niece & 1 great nephew.
    I had to stop work in 2000. Never learned how to balance motherhood, wifehood & employment while taking care of myself.

    Thats it...for more insite see my blog!

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    who are you

    hello everyone!!!!!!!!! my name is nicola
    im 21 years of age
    im from sunny England, a place called Wigan,Greater Manchester.
    i was diagnosed when i was afew weeks old. iwas tested because my mothers sister had cf, so it ran in the family.
    i have a boyfriend called Mike, who i have been with for 4years now.
    i have a fantastic sister who is 23,who is pregnant. she is due in 5days, cant wait!!!!!!!
    i love to go clubbing with friends most weekends and having cosy nights in with mike.
    i have never been able to work unfortunately
    im a very emotional person and i get upset easily. which isnt a bad thing, because it makes me very caring. if anyone would like to chat or ask a question, please feel free to send a message. xxxxxxxxxx<img src="i/expressions/heart.gif" border="0">

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    who are you

    For anyone new..

    My name Jennifer
    I'm a girl
    I'm 34
    I live in NJ
    I was dx (diagnosed) at 29 years old, after years of being tested for TB and HIV I my pancreas finally went south.. and a wonderful amazing doctor in NYC linked my cough with my tummy issues.
    I weigh around way to much and I have 5'2 1/2 and shrinking by the day from steorid use and bone loss
    My PFT's are better then most ppl who DON"T have CF
    I work as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse since May of this year. before that I was a Daycare Teacher and a Day Care Director.....
    I have a thing for making people feel loved and I am passionate about the people I love...
    I have a thing for feeling loved... Their is no better feeling in all the world to me
    I'm single and inpatiently waiting.......
    I don't like dogs or cats or anything that sheds or makes a mess besides for babies, I don't like being in pain, sickness or when I am way to afraid of what other people think of me....I don't like to live in fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop, though I usually do. I don't like to be told that I can't do something because of my health..The thing I don't like the most is when a doctor can't figure out what is wrong with you he blames the patient...instead of admiting he doesn't know...
    I like when people are compassionate toward one another and when I see someone smile. I like to be around my friends and people that love me. I like when people don't pretend to be better then others.. no matter what.

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    who are you

    Originally posted by: littledebbie

    My name is Christian

    I'm a lady

    I'm 24

    I live in NJ

    I was dx (diagnosed) at 1.5 yrs old

    I weigh 136 lbs and I am 5'3" (I am pregnant)

    My PFT's are good-fev1, 75%.

    I have 8 brothers and sisters-1 blood sibling, the rest are biologically my cousins, (I was adopted by my aunt) ,myself and another 2nd cousin are the only ones with Cf.

    I own my own home and love decorating/interior design.

    I recently got pregnant after a lot of planning and I'm going to be a stay at home mom.

    I have a thing for shoes too-mostly UGGs, and boxers (dogs), and for traveling-I've been around the world.

    I'm happily married.

    I like dogs not cats, again-boxers.

    I like Mexican food, pasta and anything salty-chips, popcorn...ah..

    I'm very proactive about my cf care, very into natural supplements and nutrition.

    I love decorating, party planning, and making cakes-my favorite movie channel is the Food Network. I love the cake contests! I've made fondant cakes for baby and bridal showers and other parties.

    Spirituality and faith is a very important part of my life.

    Both of my biological parents are currently in prison-So if you come from a bad place don't ever think you can't overcome it and live a normal life. B/c other than my Cf-my life is pretty DARN GOOD!!!!!!

    and thats all I got I guess.....Peace to everyone!!!

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    who are you

    "Favorite foods: A good cheesy pizza " .... ooooooo REAL NY PIZZA .... ooooooooo I miss that. Used to get a good pie down on rt. 52.

    They don't even know what 'pie' is out here. Finally got a real new yorker who opened pizzaria's out here, but, the food is different. The ingrediants aren't the same quality as back east. oh well. good with the bad.

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    who are you

    My name is Amanda
    I live in Shamokin Pennsylvania
    I'm 20 years old.
    I was dx at 5 years old after being told it was asthma or a brain surgery(I was hours from being operated on when my mom told them she wanted a 2nd opinion)
    I have a dog who means the world to me.
    My dad had a kidney transplant almost 5 years was the hardest thing I've ever went through in my life.
    I now have the same kidney disease.
    I have CFRD.
    I have a new baby cousin, I love him like he's my own.
    My boyfriend recently broke up with me after 5 years.
    I'm in college and have no idea what I want to do with my life.
    my pfts are around 40%

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    who are you

    For the newbies...

    </br>My name is Lisa

    </br>I'm of the female gender

    </br>I'll be 21 Feb. 20th

    </br>I live in FL

    </br>I was diagnosed at three months

    </br>I weigh 126 lbs., and I'm 5'2"

    </br>I am recieving SSI and Medicaid

    </br>I am an artist of the digital medium

    </br>I'm a writer (not published...yet!)

    </br>I love video games and anime (good anime, that is)

    </br>I'm pretty much married to my lover of nearly 6 years

    </br>I love cats

    </br>I am a neat freak

    </br>I'm sarcastic and believe in giving it to you straight up, no sugar-coating

    That's about all she wrote, folks!

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