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Thread: Who are you in a nut shell

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    who are you

    My name is Allie
    I'm a woman
    My husband Ry had CF
    He was diagnosed at 2 months due to failure to thrive
    His mutations were W1282x and Df508
    I am a widow, Ry passed away in May of 2005
    We had one child, a daughter, she's 6 now
    I am a teacher
    I have a dog and a rabbit
    I enjoy writing
    I'm Jewish
    I'm generally a softer, emotional person, especially when I have to talk in real life versus writing.

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    who are you

    Good Thread... I don't know why Imogene doesn't incorporate this type info into the profiles and permit you to display it, IF you wanted to.

    I'm David
    50 yrs old in two weeks (Feb 2007 for those of you reading this thread in a couple of years)
    Dx at 14 - who knows, friend of mon's one day said " You know, that boy just ain't right!
    Grew up in Phila (Roxborough), moved to upstate NY (Millbrook) now in Mesa, AZ
    I am a Database Administator.
    I have mild lung and pancreatic problems, more sterile than a hospital OR.
    I am a DF508, but not sure if it is single double, whatever? But my favorite mutant is a ninja turtle.
    I have a min-pin who is awesome!
    I have two grandkids (no biological children - wonder why?) Notice, the dog came before the kids an grandkids....???? It in no way implys order of priority.
    I own a place in Show Low AZ that is awesome! (see the link, click on it.)
    I have been 'certified' as a log home builder so I hope to build my own log home one day, on my place in show low. I'm gutting and rebuilding the interior of the mobile this year, just for practice.
    I have no sense of humor whatsoever, oh wait, no - that's my wife. I have an international sense of humor - I'll make fun of anybody, don't care!
    I enjoy Sammy Adams -
    I work out a couple times a week, not real consitent, take spinning class and lift weights (spinning class = stationary bikes with a task master yelling at you)
    I'm fat. that's why i'm taking the spinning classes. Stop snikering kbn!
    I'm certainly not as informed about CF as most of you. I do the most minimal elements of treatment as I can - hate going to clinic, forget to take my enzyms (jeeszes after 30+ years.... tsk tsk tsk.... It's alzheimers now, baby - New Excuse! )

    I have the deepest respect for all of you that have CF and for those who are caring for children or partners with CF. By far, you are the finest and most caring people I've ever had the privilage to 'know'. Thanks for your input, information, ideas.

    Cheers to you all!

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    who are you

    My name is Liz. Sometimes people call me Lizard.
    I am a girl with tomboyish traits.
    I'm 25 years young.
    I live in Canada.
    I was dx (diagnosed) at 6 weeks of age - failure to thrive.
    Right now I weigh about 106, and stand at almost 5'6. When I'm healthy, I weigh 130.
    My PFT's could be better. They are sitting in the 60's.
    I haven't been working for a year, but wish to go back sometime soon.
    I also love shoes like Debbie, and own about 38 pairs.
    I love food of all kinds, red wine, taking pictures of myself and playing around with photoshop, being a myspace and msn addict!
    I'm single, and loving it at the moment.
    I have three cats.
    I'm super sarcastic, and tend to have a very dry and dirty sense of humor.
    I also have anxiety and OCD - it makes people in my life crazy to hang out with me.
    I'm not sure that I will want a transplant when it comes time for one.
    I have double delta f508.
    I love creative writing and blogging.
    I'm a very open minded person, and try my hardest not to judge at all.
    I tend to hate confrontation.
    I am a happy person for the most part.
    I have a mohawk.

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    who are you

    I don't have CF either, but here it goes:

    I am Tammy.
    I am almost 38 years old (I mean young).
    I won't share my weight
    I have two daughters with CF, mutations are delF508 and 1898+1G>A
    I have a nephew with CF whose health really isn't great (I have one sister, and it is her son that has CF)
    My girls are both wonderful, FEV1 in the 90s and in about the 50% for weight.
    Older daughter has only been hospitalized once with lung issues, and that was about 8 months ago.
    My husband and I have been married 11 years.
    We have a Shihtzu named Zoe and a guinea pig named Princess.
    We love to travel. (husband and I just returned from Mexico on Saturday)
    My family loves mexican and italian food!
    I am passionate about cystic fibrosis, and could talk for hours educating someone about what I know, if they are willing to listen...
    I volunteer for the CFF board of directors in the St. Louis area (actually just returned from a meeting...)
    I have always been what my friends would call the motherly type. I am very calm and down to earth.
    I hold the upmost respect for all of you on this site. You have all been through so much in your own way, and appreciate the fact that you share your thoughts so those of us, such as myself, with CF children can learn from you. Thank you for sharing.

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    who are you

    My name is Lisa.
    I am 30.
    I am italian and my husband is irish .
    I love dogs.
    I am mother to Tommy Luke 8 months with Double df508 dx in utero.
    Also mom to Jayna 8 yrs.old no cf.
    Tommy loves the backyardigans on nick jr.
    Tommy has a mickey button that we only use for his meds.
    He is 17lbs and growing quite tall at 27 inches.
    I live in Philadelphia Pa
    I've been married for 3 years.
    I was a hairstylists until my precious miracle came along ,now I am a stay at home mommy and i love it!

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    who are you

    My name is Sue
    I am a girl (although there is that song, A Boy named Sue)
    I weigh 115 and am 5'3
    I was diagnosed at 5 from ear infections and a bad cough
    I live in Chicago, IL
    My PFTs are not very good, working too much I think
    I am a 5th grade teacher, first year
    I have a thing for purses and jelly beans
    I love dogs and have had pugs my whole life
    I am also very sarcastic and seem to be getting more as I get older

    I like this

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    who are you

    I'm Valerie.
    I'm a girl.
    I'm 25 years old.
    Height: 5'4" Weight:115
    I was diagnosed w/CF at 1 yr when I was hospitalized for pneumonia.
    I was diagnosed w/ CFRD last year.
    I was really rebellious as a teenager and I didn't start taking care of my health until a few years ago when I had major hemoptysis.
    I was raised in Cleveland, OH.
    I have a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maine at Farmington.
    I have a second Bachelor's in English from Walsh University.
    I am getting my MFA in creative writing currently at Kent State.
    I really like school, apparently.
    I'm a vegan.
    My favorite foods are pretzels and tofurkey.
    I love cooking, knitting, making stuff with my hands from scratch.
    I have a welsh corgi called Mrs. Dalloway.
    I have a husband called various things, but mostly I call him Matt.
    I read obsessively which makes me feel like I have no real life.
    Actually, it's true: I have no real life.
    I love road trips.
    I wish I liked exercise more, but I get really bored with it.
    I'm pretty good at Scrabble.

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    who are you

    my name is joni...
    i live in new york...
    i am one of 5 daughters...
    i was a hippie growing up in the sixties...
    i am 55 years old...
    i was diagnosed when i was 44 years old...
    i was married to my first husband for almost 10 yrs...
    i have 2 sons from that marriage...
    i am married to my second (and last husband) for 17 yrs...we have been together for 21 yrs. and have 2 sons together... I became a grandmother 14 mos. ago!! (can you guess, another boy!)
    i don't work anymore...
    my pft.s are around 55 to 61 range...
    i love food..hence not posting my weight...

    i enjoy cooking (not the clean-up though)...
    my husband and i owned a pizzeria for 10 yrs... i enjoy coming to this site, hearing your stories and learning new information...
    i love God/Jesus...
    i love being a wife (most of the time)...
    i love being a mom (most of the time)...
    i love being a grandma, all of the time...
    i love my family and friends (most of them, most of the time)...
    and i love myself...

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    who are you

    Hmm..great topic.

    I am Jenn, 35 years old
    Dx'd at 33 ish because of a multitude of problems, suspected earlier by my PCP
    Live in NY...Hey David, did you say you lived in Millbrook NY? I live near there!!!
    I am 5'7" and 148 lbs (yep, a chubbie one, but hey, used to weigh 277 lbs until my pancreas bit the big one LOL- glad I had pounds to spare!!)
    Have DM
    Was a nurse until about 4 yrs ago, okay still a nurse cosidering I use my skills daily- worked in alot of different fields, favorite was. Prior to nursing studies, I was in the chem engineer field...Ha, who would've thought I would have turned to nursing????
    My PFT's are currently unknown- live on a vent, were about 16% prior to the vent (have myopathy issues that affect my diaphragm)
    Favorite foods: A good cheesy pizza with mushrooms, Ben and Jerry's just about any flavor, eclairs, home made chinese food
    Food I hate: canned peas!!! Also, some of those canned supplements they give you in the hospital...Yuk!!!!

    I love to read, enjoy my kids (they are teens, someday I think they turn back into humans LOL), love the internet, watching 80's movies (just love it when a person uses a car phone the size of a cement block, makes me think how much technology has changed), love to research anything that makes me curious, I enjoy tormenting new interns while in the hosptial (heeheehee payback!)

    I am as easy going as they come, but god have mercy on the person who pushes too many of my buttons!!

    I try to live life as much as possible...we are here for a finite period of time, might as well make the best of it regardless of what people say (some of my relatives treat me like I am dead already...really really angers me!!)

    I find that attitude makes a difference...a good temper tantrum certainly is cleansing at times too!

    I love humor, laughter makes my soul lighter, makes my problems seem less severe than they are at the time. Love to laugh too.

    Okay, that's me in a nutshell....Hugs to all

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    who are you in a nut shell

    My name is Cory
    I'm a male
    I'm 31
    I live in Pennsylvania, U.S.
    I am nocf
    I weigh around 230lbs, and am 5ft10
    I was laid off about 2 years ago
    I volunteer at <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="">North Hills Community Outreach</a>
    I have a thing for pizza
    I have a thing for Snickers
    I'm single and plan to stay that way.
    I owned many cats as a kid.
    I follow soccer.
    I'm a good acquaintance of an olympic gymnastics alternate from 1996, and will see her tomorrow.
    I have spina bifida
    I am atheist
    I am on deviantART
    I met a CFer on deviantART and have learned much from her.

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