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Thread: Who are you in a nut shell

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    who are you in a nut shell

    My name is Melissa
    I don't have CF
    We think my husband has it, but haven't gotten definite declaration on that yet.
    His name is Jason
    He is 25
    Has anyone heard of someone this old being diagnosed with CF?

    He fills about 4 waterbottles a day of that sticky saliva
    His sinuses are terrible
    he has real digestion problems and is always complaining of his stomach hurting
    he weighs 120 and is 5'9"
    He had to get shots when he was little to make him grow
    Could he have this???

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    who are you in a nut shell

    Hello Melissa..Welcome aboard and yes, it is definitely possible to be diagnosed later in life..If you stick around the boards long enough, you will meet many adult diagnosis, including myself. I was dx'd at 33 years old. Good luck with the testing, if it does turn out that he does have CF, he will be finally getting the right treatment.
    To all of the other newbies, welcome!!

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    who are you in a nut shell

    Wow, Brad, I just saw that your oldest brother is about to turn 60 with CF! That's amazing, good for him. I was diagnosed when I was 8, too. Good to see you are doing well for yourself, keep lifting weights!

    Melissa (tinydancer) your husband could certainly have it... that seems unbelivably skinny for his height, and malnourishment is one of the most obvious signs of CF (that, and the coughing, the mucous...) I mean, I am 5'2" and I weigh that much! Good luck finding out what's wrong, even if it's not CF, and welcome to the site.

    And welcome everyone else too.

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    who are you

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post here
    I'm Kristen
    I live in Texas
    I am 31
    I was diagnosed as a baby because I had salty skin
    I'm 5'5" and weigh 125 lbs
    PFT's are over 100%
    Pancreatic sufficient
    1 sinus surgery
    1 possible episode of pancreatitis
    2 hospitalizations
    Many episodes of bronchitis
    I'm an environmental engineer
    Love the outdoors
    I'm obsessed with working out
    I love wine and cheese!
    Married 1 year and hoping to get pregnant soon!

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    who are you in a nut shell

    My name is Laura
    I'm a girl
    I'm 29
    I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Diagnosed with CF at 7 months of age-wasn't gaining weight, cried after I ate anything
    I have a sister with Asthma, and a brother with CF
    I'm a massage therapist and I'm the healthiest I've ever been since starting this career
    I'm 5'3" and usually weigh somewhere in the 130 range..less if I don't eat so much dairy..used to be addicted to Chocolate milk big time
    I'm married, still on the fence about having kids because afraid of my health going downhill
    I love the lake and the beach, and wish it was warm here year round because swimming is the best exercise ever and pools are generally gross

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    who are you

    Hi...I'm new to this forum so I'll introduce myself...

    My name is Melissa. I'm 28, married, no kids-but a dog-and I live in Oakvale, Mississippi. Trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing SINCE I have no have a younger brother & sister and neither have CF. My parents took extra special care of me (so I always thought CF was no big deal) and it's only been in the last year that I've had to pay extra special care to my health and I admit I've gotten a little scared from time to time. I came to this forum in hopes of finding others that could relate to me, who could understand what I'm going through ... let's see, my problems: I developed CFRD at 17 (which my Hemoglobin A1C levels are great!); I do have a liver problem which I take meds for; my biggest problem has always been digestion; ever since Hurricane Katrina came through I have had allergy problems which keep me on antibiotics (I, along with others, think that Katrina brought up some new "species"...); my PFTs have always been really good, I'm due to take a new set in a couple of weeks so my fingers are crossed...

    Nice to meet everyone

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    who are you in a nut shell

    Interesting post.
    Here goes.
    37 y/o 38 in 2 months
    Live in Los Angeles (lived in East coast 1978-1991) Boston and New Hampshire.
    Diagnosed when 3 (Failure to thrive)
    no one else in family has cf
    Liver Biopsy - to see what else
    Prior to CF diagnosis - doc thought I was celiac, went gluten free, then they found CF
    36 the celic issue cam back up coupled with CFRD, been gluten free since.
    Had some hemoptsys last year, kinda bad, lost some weight and FEV( currently about 55- 60% FEV1. Doing ok now,mostly.
    I live in Los Angeles, married, Wife's name Kristy, we hav one dog child, Dixie
    Current regiment and problems
    CF - Go to the USC clinic in LA
    Celiac - wheat free is for me
    CFRD - Insulin - Under control most of the time, except when I over dose and go hypo
    PA and MRSA - always there to keep me company.
    I take creon like Skittles
    I do my vest, tobi, hypertonic saline 2 x day
    Health is stable had some hemoptosis that is problematic but dealing with it.
    I own a real estate company. RE Market is in chaos but keeps it interesting.
    I really want to have an invention company or a jet ski job
    Wife works in medical field
    Our dog just plays, eats and sleeps - barks at 2 am quite regularlly
    Former favorite food - greasy thin sliced new york style pizza, current favorite gluten free food - corn tortillas and grape jelly.
    We like hang out with friends and family, camping and used to go boating, we walk the dog to the park. want to get back to working out.
    Ok thats it

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    who are you in a nut shell

    New to this!!!
    I'm a wife,full time mom, awesome cook, great friend,
    marathon runner,gardner,food fanatic (love food), 29, cf
    FEV/FVC 112/111
    my passion is running
    have a sister with cf -she is 27
    I'm very private about my cf - none of my friends know
    I use Tobi - 1x/day (28/28 plan)/no other meds
    no enzymes
    dx'ed at 2years, when my sis was dx'd.
    I hate doctors
    never been hospitalized for cf related stuff, but I am clumsy - for accidents, yes.
    I love red wine
    I love animals, cats(my favorite), little dogs, reptiles - love them all!!!
    Have a thing for tattoos, but only have 2(no more for me!)
    I plan on living a REALLY LONG time

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    who are you in a nut shell

    Welcome everyone! I just know you'll love this site..and yes, it's addicting, so get ready!

    Rob, my doc thought I was celiac too! Turned out IBS in conjunction with some hormone issues (not that this would work for you) but my doc changed my birth control and BOOM...Celiac symptoms were gone!

    Newbies, holla if you have those rare liver issues! I love to chat and share similarities!

    Welcome again!

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    who are you in a nut shell

    what kind of liver issues are you talking about?

    I take medicine for mine but I'm not sure I have issues. YET.

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