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Thread: Bad Breath

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    My mother used to say to me. You have an infection your breath stinks. She didn't say I always had bad breath only once in a while so maybe you are growing some more bacterial than usual.

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    The fact of the matter is sputum stinks! Consider where the air you breathe out is coming from... The inside of your lungs where the sputum is. Naturally, when you breathe out, your breath is going to take on the smell of the sputum. This is going to hold true even if your dental hygiene is spotless, because the smell is not originating in your mouth but in your lungs.

    Since you can't control the smell of your breath, the best you can do is mask it in some way. For the better part of my adult life I've always carried breath mints, gum, or some kind of throat lozenge (if I also have a sore throat from a worsening cough) with me whenever I go out in public.

    That's the best thing you can do. That doesn't mean to forget the dental hygiene though! Bad teeth are a major cause of infection that can spread to the lungs.
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    Persistent bad breath is often caused by stuffed tonsils. You need to squeeze them with something to get the gunk out of them.

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    Breath smells like hydrogen peroxide

    My daughter has cf. I never noticed a problem with her breath until when she was 8 years old, we got a feeding tube out in. After that, I noticed a dramatic change in her breath. It smells horrible! It has a pungent chemical smell like some really strong smelling hydrogen peroxide. The doctors say that can just be caused by acid reflux (which she has), but Im thinking it has something to do with the feeding tube seeing as how shes has acid reflux her whole life. Im wondering if maybe shes aspirating at night since her feeding tube runs at night. We try to keep her propped up, but she moves around so much in her sleep, that in the mornings, I always find her laying flat at the foot of her bed not even in her pillows. Now that she just got approved for a medical program that provides for improvements in the home, Im going to try to get her an inclining bed like they have at the hospitals, and see if that helps. Aspirating can be very serious and lead to death. Especially for someone with cf.

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