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Thread: Best nebulizer recommended for Tobi and Pulmozyme

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    Having a higher psi is good for getting done with neb. rx fairly quickly. For me being retired for the most part take my time and try to get as much thick mucus out, takes about 1 1/2 for each treatment. In my opinion being faster is not necessarily good when it comes to nebulizer treatments for CF.. Agree neb. antibiotics can be done quickly. I understand for the folks that work and do not have much free time, I have been there. As a side note I am starting Orkambi next month will keep folks posted on how it goes.
    I am 69yrs. old delta F508, one of four siblings, diagnosed at age 12, three of us had CF. Bother passed away with CF when he was 24, some 30 yrs. ago. I worked 35 yrs. in Nuclear Medicine, retired in 2004 at age 57 to to take better care of my CF. Have been married to my bride 49 yrs.. Great woman to have put up with me this long. We adopted two children, 3 days old when adopted, now 40yrs. old with total of 5 grandchildren. My lung function is FEV1 of 25% FVC 90%.

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    It's nice to have an adjustable neb as I believe Tobi requires less of a psi and pulmozyme requires a greater one -- particle size and all that jazz in order to get the drug deeper into the lungs. And if one uses too high of a psi the hoses pop off and scare the heck out of us.

    Interested in hearing how you do on Orkambi. DS had minor cold symptoms and looser stools, claims he got some lung and sinus nuggets out, but fortunately no issues.
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    Pari lc sprint,pari lc star,parli lc plus are good nebuliser for tobi and saline. lc star has deeper penetration..i use all the three..
    Try all the 3 of them to find which one works best for you

    compressor devilbass plumoaide or plumo aid compact are good for saline and tobi

    pari vios/pari boy is next replacment but it is not as tough as devil.bass

    for pulmozyme u need higher pressure(50 psi) compressor

    I am not using pulmozyme so i cant tell which nebuliser works best with pulmozyme...

    but 50psi compressor can be adjusted to 30 psi (for tobi) so u dont need two seperate compressor

    !! portable battery operated !! nebuliser is there !!
    Mesh type nebulizers!!

    pari eflow rapid

    I neb

    mesh type nebuliser are costly ..

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    The Ultrasoniq nebulizer recommended for delivering COPD and asthma medication. This versatile, portable & lightweight device delivers uses ultrasonic waves to vaporize liquid allowing for optimal absorption into the lungs. The Ultrasoniq nebulizer features a double airflow control and has a very quiet operation.
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    Referring to what "preet" wrote above:

    This may have been mentioned before, but I believe Pulmozyme should definitely NOT be administered with an ultrasonic nebulizer.

    Pulmozyme molecules are easily damaged. I remember reading that the ampules should not be dropped because the shock can damage the drug. Also, that an ultrasonic nebulizer like an eFlow should not be used to administer Pulmozyme because this can also damage it.
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