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Thread: Weight Lifting

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    Why not try crossfit-- you get some lifting but also the cardio? I have been doing it for just under a year and I am totally hooked

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    Weight training with enough intensity will illicit more airway clearance than cardio. Slow steady state such as jogging or walking will make you cough at the end, but not really during as much as weights. Make sure you use enough weight to create an oxygen deficit - that will create amazing airway clearance.

    When it comes to cardio - interval training is best for airway clearance. For example, 60 seconds at 50% of your max heart rate followed by 60 seconds of 75% of your max heart rate. Repeat this for 20 minutes and you'll have amazing airway clearance.

    Good luck!
    Thanks for your info

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    Breathing exercises would be of great help. If you really want to improve your lung capacity and PFT, I would suggest diaphragmatic breathing and meditation. Focusing on increasing your stamina is the key. Although weight lifting is beneficial in building and stretching your muscles, it is often associated with some amount of risk. Why work so hard when you can do simple aerobic exercises such as walking, running, cycling or swimming.

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