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Thread: Laser Hair Removal??

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    Laser Hair Removal??

    I am looking into having some laser hair removal done but my mom brought it to my attention that our skin in much saltier than the average persons and may result in burns from the laser. Has anyone has laser hair removal done, and if so, what was your experience like? Any adverse reactions?
    My name is Katie, I'm married with one son. I was diagnosed at 2 months old del f508 & 711+1G->T.

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    I have terrible ingrown hairs on my chin and neck. They have left some pretty bad scaring on my face. To the point I feel embrassed when I talk to people. I hope things will get better.
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    Laser is an effective way for removing hair, but it may have some side effects too.

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    Although every technician is different, it takes the person who shaped my eyebrows two minutes flat, from start to finish.
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