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    had to share

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    Sitting in my new office...I had to share the beautiful photos and note from BeautifulSoul... they fill my soul!
    The tree outside my window is my FIG TREE..and it is blossoming...shhh I don't want the deer to know....they have eaten all our tomatoes and flowers!
    Thank you Amber!
    Salt and light and LOVE,

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    You're welcome! happy to know you recived them. Enjoy your weekend. I'm relaxing with a good book. Hugs,
    AMBER 26yrs CF (Double F508DEL) Married
    CFRD, Double Lung TX 3-13-07, Kidney TX 7-2-07
    G-Tube, insulin pump, & cochlear implants

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    God is within her, she will not fall -Psalm 46:5

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    These type of posts give such hope and joy to our CF community! Thank you for sharing! beautifulsoul, stories like yours are my very favorite to share with my son (15 yrs) when we have discussions about living a good life while dealing with CF.
    Mother of Joe, 15 yrs old with DDF508, prediabetes, sinusitis, just diagnosed with mycobacterium abscessus, diagnosed with CF at 2.5 months old, treated at KU Med Center in KC, KS.

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    What a beautiful massage! Thank you for sharing this made my day! I have a fig tree and have been bringing it in for the Winter and out in the Summer it is 3 years old so far no figs but it still has beautiful leaves and I have a sweet Cherry tree 3 years old no cherry yet I am waiting when i see one on my tree i am going to cover it and wait so i can eat it until then I look forward to the day It bears fruit!

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