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Thread: How do you maintain appetite ??

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    How do you maintain appetite ??

    Now that I am off prednisone I don't have half the appetite. What do you do to maintain your appetite?

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    Do you have issues with CFRD? For me, appetite management is mostly about making sure my blood sugar's under control. I basically just switched to smaller but more frequent meals and started eating more protein and whole grains.

    Exercise works up an appetite, too. Staying active is always a good idea regardless.

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    No I do not. The pancreas is still functioning for me. I can thank my rare mutations for that. I'll try to stay more active and hopefully that helps. Losing weight by the day and trying to keep it on. I'm trying to eat as much as possible inbetween things to keep the weight stable. Just trying to keep some extra weight on to keep me healthy.

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    Regular exercise/activity probably keeps me hungrier than anything else. But I've also just learned to just to eat when it is mealtime even when I don't have much appetite, not that this is too frequent. My dad was a 'clean your plate' kind of guy so that is now in my programming, especially when someone else cooks the meal. Eating on the clock is easier to do if you find a way to make it social like regular family mealtimes, a specified lunch break with coworkers, or a scheduled breakfast with friends. Or if you have tons of discipline, set the clock and make sure you have a take in some minimum of easy to prepare and palette calories when the alarm goes off. This is were the shakes and energy bars come in handy.

    One of the worse things for my appetite is to just pick at foods here and there. If I'm grazing nonchalantly throughout the day, especially on carb rich snacks, I never really get motivated to face down a substantial meal. So I end up missing out on the proteins, fats, and other nutrient dense foods I need.
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    I take Marinol (oral weed pill) for when I don't feel like eating or my appetite starts to slow down. It's worked wonders for me

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    Most of the time, losing appetite is the big problem for many people. So it is necessary to eat variety of foods to make you strong and maintain health as you grow elder. The most common reason is like you said. It is true, medication that you are taking may be the one cause for loss of appetite. In such conditions, it is necessary to keep your body and mind strong and healthy. I usually do only one thing is eating well because being healthy and strong that only depends on what you eat. I always include nutrition rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein in my diet and in addition to this I do regular exercise.

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