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Thread: investing some retirement money into vertex pharm.

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    investing some retirement money into vertex pharm.

    I have a daughter wcf 1yrs old. I have retirement account but I'm still very young and so is she. I was wondering if anyone has done this themselves. When I make the call to the investment company and get to talkin. Ill post my results. I dunno I was reading an articke that klydeco is costing around $180, 000 a year. Granted hoping mist us have coverage. But then there's all this talk about big companies investing. I guess I'm a big dreamer. But my hope is one day there wil be enough science backed behind it that it will be available to the cf patients around.

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    I thought about investing in Vertex after the phase II trial for Orkambi were completed. But I am generally hesitant to invest a single stock and investing based on my emotional desires didnít feel prudent for me. If you do invest it seems wise to follow the general council to not have more than 5% of your investment assets in any single stock.
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    I am not a financial expert but I would consider other companies that the CFF is backing. If you are set on VRTX, read the two books on the company and ask the person who handles your money if the assumed success of 770 + 809 is built into the existing price.

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    Investing in individual stocks, which are much riskier than mutual funds and biotech stocks are extremely risky--I follow a lot of the investment on the biotechs to learn the details of what's going on for CF research and frankly most of the folks there are gamblers, not investors. I think especially with biotechs you need to be able to do a quick/instant trade and be very current on what the stock is doing. Not sure if that's possible in your retirement fund. Not sure if Vertex is a good investment now--I kinda hope it isn't because that would mean someone else will have a better drug/cure for CF!

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    Don't do it. My understanding is that Vertex is facing a potential lawsuit from the the US, Canada, Australia and Great Britain over the companies refusal to lower the drug price and accept subsidies from the US government to do so.
    As well, I have been told that the FDA may soon take a closer look at the the Company and its clinical results and ask that the medication be halted until further review and price negotiations. Its stock has declined a little bit and I suspect more so as governments press the price issue.

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    Yeah, but I just think, would it be ok if I will invest in CBD oil ?
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    Yeah, it's always great to invest in something that can give you profit, and give people some help in medical sphere.

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