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Thread: Battling CF kyphosis

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    Battling CF kyphosis

    What are you experiences in improving structural CF related kyphosis?
    Have you been able to regain mobility in your thoracic spine?

    After a long period of malnutrition and sickness in my teens, my spine and posture were pretty bad leading into my 20's.
    My posture and muscular strength have improved a lot since then.
    Problem is my spine itself. It has the typical CF curvature combined with barrel chest which makes it seem optically worse. (Same as my sister and a lot of CF'ers my age, it seems.) My spine is pretty stubborn.

    Months ago I purchased a foam roller to aid muscle recovery, fight aches, pains and improve mobility throughout my body. But then I also noticed that it seems a pretty good way to try and open up my thoracic spine. More so than my regular regimen of stretching.
    So I give it a good session once to twice a day now and I did think I'm making progress.
    When well rested I can keep quite straight (to where it's not really noticeable) , my neck does seem to be longer and I'm almost a cm taller.

    Problem is when tired and not much opportunity to stretch (long car drive etc.) my spine quickly seems to go back to where it was and then it takes me days to get it back "open".

    So I wonder what others experiences are with this. If anyone made significant improvements and how.
    34 CF The Netherlands

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    I've had issues with this some my self. In my 20's I would see a chiropractor on a regular basis. tomorrow I'm going to as a physical therapist, to see what they have to say. I have a roller as well but I think you've spent more time on it then I have.

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