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Thread: Medical Marijuana

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    Unhappy Medical Marijuana

    I told my cf doctors I use it, and they seem... Disappointed.

    i don't smoke it. I vaporise it or I eat it through food.

    Whats your thoughts and opinions about it? After they found out they even began to treat me differently. It's depressing

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    I think you've asked about it before and I know I've seen other threads on it so do a search and read up on what others have said to you and other members previously when medical marijuana has come up.
    What benefit do you get, or hope to get, from it? How exactly did your doctors treat you differently--what about their behavior changed?

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    What noticeable benefits have you seen since using medicinal mmj?

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    Marijuana is still trying to find its acceptance in society. Even in a state where its legal for recreational use, you see back lash or dissension. If your not smoking it, (not vaping it would be better), and getting gains from it. You need to make a logical argument for it for you. how have you been getting treated differently and what gains are you getting?

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    I think vaping wouldn't be recommended but consuming may have benefits, the veins in most our lungs are sensitive and my cause hympotisis/lung bleed. My lungs are so sensitive I can't be around any smoke of any kind or I will cough up blood. Be careful, damage is irreversible.

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    sorry to hear that, when the subject came up my doctor had no problem with me using marijuana provided I don't smoke it, is your doctor a resident or attending? if they are a resident I'm sure you know in a few years you get a new doctor, personally I went through 3 residents before I was assigned to an attending. personally nothing causes hunger quite like marijuana munchies, and i've been on 2 different appetite inducing medications for about 7 years. if it's not causing a negative effect on your lung function I wouldn't stress it, since it obviously works for you. its also disappointing that your doctors are treating you differently since I'm guessing its making you want to not tell them everything, maybe you can mention it next clinic appointment, you told them something in the interest of complete disclosure (I'm guessing) and they should respect the trust you put in them with that information, and not to use it against you (or allow it to effect how they treat you)

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