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Thread: Vest & Neb Storage

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    Hi, I've been posting a lot about this lately on other forums. I'm a student of Industrial Design in Ireland and for my degree project I'm looking to solve this problem for you guys by making a marketable stand alone product for CF storage and organisation .. Threads like this really help my design so thank you for posting. One thing that I've been wondering though; would you rather have a unit with empty drawers that you could fill with your meds, inhalers etc. any way you like, or drawers that have sectioned areas are and are divided up which can be moved around and removed individually for cleaning or travelling out for the day??

    My email is [email protected] if anyone has answers or ideas that wants to get in touch and help me with my project So far you've all been a great help !

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    How nice! I personally would prefer removable/adjustable dividers. There are so many different meds and most don't take exactly the same combination, so storage needs differ. In addition, meds get added and potentially subtracted as your condition changes.

    Our current ideal is for pediatric use . . . . Not so much a desk as a movable unit. Sometimes my little guy wants to sit on the couch or a chair and watch tv, sometimes he wants to stand and play on his XBox. Sometimes he has to sit with his spelling list. Sometimes he wants to sit on the floor to build Legos. And other times sit at the play table to play a game with his sister. That's a lot of rolling around!

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    Great ideas, thanks all for sharing! And the pic posted was very useful. His equipment, and his meds are starting to (heck...been going on) take over my kitchen table, then spill over to the sofa, and it feels like clutter/chaos! I like the idea of having a set storage place with the dividers/small containers to keep the meds and nebulizers stored.
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    I have an IKEA Raskog cart ( and it fits my neb & vest quite nicely. It also is on wheels so we just wheel it into a closet when it's not in use. I've also found it handy so if I'm cooking or doing something in a smaller area I'm kind of mobile because I can wheel a short distance without stopping the nebs or vest! Attachment 478

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    I like your cart solution. That would be ideal if you want to exercise or do nebs while doing exercise on a treadmill or indoor bike. Just wheel it nearby and you're good to go.

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    how do you get your cords out? Is there a grommet or hole in the wall or shelf? Thanks for posting this!

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