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Thread: Mixing with other CFers.. thoughts and opinions?

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    I understand the avoidance of intentional prolonged exposure to another CFer, but how do you know the person standing in line in front or behind you, next to you on the subway, bus, plane or ferry, walking next to you, in the elevator next to you, seated at the next table to you in a restaurant isn't me or someone else with CF? Do you wear a mask every where you go? Because I don't and won't. I grudgingly do it at the CF doctor's office - and I think its overkill because the rooms are not negative pressure rooms. For the first 42 years of my life there were no masks in the office, yet here I am no worse for the wear. I'm just saying, if you were next to me, I dont have "CF" tattooed on my forehead and you wouldn't know I have it without me telling you, which I won't.

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    rb: I cannot control the people that I come into contact with each day but I can control my knowingly coming in contact with another CF Patient. You need to google, Burkholders Cepia (sp).
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    This is a true story on why you should not meet others with CF. This couple died because of each other.
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