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Thread: What does your CF Clinic say re Exercise

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    1,047 true!!!!!!!!!! I add a fan as well!!!! Except gatorade has waaaaaay to much sugar for me!

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    I like the gatorade powder so that I can mix to the strength I like or bump up the salt a little (I like mine extra strong).
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    2 brothers w/CF, 3 siblings w/out. My wife and parents are saints.

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    My clinic says exercise is crucial and encourages as much as I can do. Right now I run about 12 miles a week, and do core and weights in between running days. Hydration and salt replacement is vital. There are good products for runners/athletes that are great for Cfers. Sport beans-an electrolyte jelly bean-are good. You can pop in a handful during a workout. And there's other electrolyte/sodium snacks, gummies, etc.

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