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    My DS is getting fever frequently offlate and Sputum culture says there no growth what soever.
    His ped pulmonologist is suggesting a broncoscopy. Somehow we are not comfortable with the idea.

    We have never used pulmozyme before but want to use it before going for broncoscopy.
    I understand it helps bring out the sputum deep inside.
    Can someone please tell me if Broncoscopy is conducted on kids young as 3.5 yrs.
    Is it safe. What are there any guide lines for it in your respective countries.
    Please help.
    Mother of 4 yrs old with double delta F508 from India.

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    Dear Mom,
    I am so sorry for this worry. I know the idea of a broncoscopy scares me, but sometimes it is needed. I think the doctor is suggesting because the fever indicates an infection but they don't know what the infection is from the cultural and they need to know to know what to treat. I know there have been several other threads with discussions of broncoscopy (sp?) and I think with fairly young kids, so maybe search (I think the spelling might be wrong so maybe double check for the search.)
    Re Pulmozyme: I would definitely suggest trying to add, BUT if there is a bacteria or fungus in his lungs, the Pulmozyme won't get rid of it, and I'd think that that would be the reason for the fever. And the long it brews the harder it might be to get rid of. I know this is a very hard decision. I don't have any personal experience but from the threads I've read, it sounds like those who have had little ones with it they went fine and were able to inform the doctors how to treat.
    Hugs and prayers

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    Hi Mallika

    It sounds scary but bronchoscopy is routine and if it is needed to diagnose the infection it should be done. Staying on top of the infections is key to a longer and healthier life. I had one done recently and I did not feel a thing. I know it is different as an adult but your child should be well taken care of. Just make sure the doctor has a lot of experience doing it on kids.

    Take care


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    Aboveallislove and Ladybird thanks for wise words and for filling strength in me. Then may be we'll get that Bronco done.
    Mother of 4 yrs old with double delta F508 from India.

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